Thank you to our 24 hour Cardio Challenge participants!

After 24 hours

Thank you to our 24 hour Cardio Challenge participants!

Our team at Fitness Angels Personal Training and Jetts Fitness North Sydney would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our 24 hour cardio challenge last weekend. We had some really dedicated people take part, helping our amazing member, Mark Scott, raise $3,000 for his chosen charity, Hands Across the Water.

Although it felt like a pretty close race throughout the event, we had some dark horses clock up some impressive km’s in the early hours of the morning, meaning the winning team, with 435 total km’s, was Team ACN! Well done to Kate and her team, and to everyone else who took part. The prize for each member on the winning team is a $50 Gift Certificate for Social Kayaking and Kayak Netball on Sydney’s middle harbour, kindly donated by Kayak Netball Australia. (Probably when it’s a little warmer!).

We would also like to say a huge congratulations to Mark for completing a full 24 hours of cardio by himself, and for clocking up an impressive 193km! A small mention to our Personal Trainers, Laura and Nathan, for helping with the organising of the event and for keeping Mark company for the 24 hours. Thank you to our event sponsors, Spine and Health, Blackbaud Pacific, Cammeray Massage and Kayak Netball Australia. Thank you to Colin and Nury for allowing us to take over their gym, and thanks also to Nury, Meg and Kate for providing all the amazing cakes, smoothies and coffees for breakfast.

We feel the event was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you all back in the gym soon.

Best wishes,
Team Jetts and Fitness Angels
North Sydney