Sunrise and Sunset Sprint Paddle


Sunrise and Sunset Sprint Paddle

Are you looking for a high intensity training session with a difference?
Why not try one of our Sunrise or Sunset Sprint Paddle sessions, every Tuesday morning and afternoon?

Each session will have your heart pumping, giving you a great cardio workout, coupled with exceptional toning for the arms, back and abs. As well as enjoying this great workout, before or after work, you’ll also be able to watch one of the most spectacular sunrises or sunsets!


When and where

Whether you’re a morning person or afternoon exerciser, we’ve got you covered!

6.45am – 7.45am Tuesday’s
4.15pm – 5.15pm Tuesday’s

These sessins willbe run at these times for 6 week blocks, then the times will likely change slightly to coincide with the sunrise and sunset times.

The current location is Lavender Bay boat ramp (Railway Avenue, Lavender Bay, North Sydney)


If you purchase our “Kayaking and Fitness” 10 session pass, you can attend these great Sprint Kayaking sessions for just $15 each!

What to bring/wear

• Something comfortable that you don’t mind getting wet, although our new sit-inside kayaks should allow you to stay fairly dry.
• Waterproof shoes/thongs/flip flops/kayaking shoes (mainly for getting in and out of the kayak)
• Sun protection, sunnies, sunscreen, hat.
• A towel for after the paddle.
• Drinking water.
• A dry bag or secure key box is provided for everyone’s car keys and phones/cameras etc.
• Current launch location is Lavender Bay boat ramp

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