Kayak Hire

Kayak Hire

Kayak Hire now available in Tunks Park! (October to April)

You can now hire kayaks from Tunks Park Boat Ramp, near Cammeray. Explore the beautiful calm waters of Middle Harbour, kayaking at your own pace. Visit the historical shipwrecks in Wreck Bay and paddle to the end of Long Bay, either for fitness or fun (or both!).

Fitness Angels provide everything you need for your kayaking adventure, including a kayak, life jacket and paddle, a map of the local kayaking area (Middle Harbour) and even water and sunscreen, if you need it. Our friendly staff are available at the boat ramp to help you get in and out of your kayak, after a comprehensive paddle briefing, prior to hitting the water.


To book Kayak Hire in Tunks Park, email laura@fitnessangels.com.au or call 0430 772 216. As we are a mobile kayaking business, our kayaks are only available for hire when we are not using them for kayaking tours around Sydney.

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What to bring/wear:

• Something comfortable that you don’t mind getting wet.
• Waterproof shoes/thongs/flip flops/kayaking shoes.
• Sun protection, sunnies, sunscreen, hat.
• A towel for after the paddle.
• Plenty of drinking water.
• A dry bag or secure key box is provided for your car keys etc.
• Current launch location is Tunks Park Boat Ramp, Brothers Avenue, Cammeray.

Do’s and Don’ts of Tunks Park Kayak Hire

• Keep your mobile phone switched on in case of emergency.
• Wear a life jacket (PFD) at all times.
• Stay hydrated and wear sun protection.
• Paddle close to the shoreline and avoid other boats.
• Only cross boating channels if necessary and safe.
• Be aware of weather conditions.
• If you do not feel confident, return to Tunks Park Boat Ramp.
• Wear shoes if getting out of your kayak.
• If paddling in a group, stay with your group.
• If paddling with children, stay within 10 meters at all times (age 8+).
• Know your abilities and limitations and return at the time specified.


Kayak Hire is:
$20 – 1 hour
$35 – 2 hours
$40 – 3 hours

Currently, all of our kayaks are single, sit-on-top kayaks, which are very stable and suitable for beginners. If you require a kayak lesson, prior to going out, we can spend some time with you on land and then in the water, near the boat ramp, until you are comfortable and ready to head off by yourself.

Tunks Park Boat Ramp
Brothers Avenue, Tunks Park