How much Exercise is enough?

How much Exercise is enough?

If the thought of exercise makes you shudder, take heart. You don’t need to deck yourself out in lycra or sign up for a year at the gym. In fact, the level of slog required for some really significant health benefits might well be less than you think. So how much exercise do you really need?pilates

Thirty minutes, five days a week is the minimum recommended. It needs to be at least moderate intensity – where you get a slight but noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate. Brisk walking’s great because it’s cheap and needs no fancy equipment.

But you can also mow the lawn, rake up the leaves or do vigorous housework – in fact pretty much anything that gets major muscles moving and gives your heart rate a boost. And you don’t have to do it all in one go. Three 10-minute bouts spread throughout the day is fine, but anything shorter probably doesn’t pack enough punch.

Pull off 30 minutes a day and you cut your odds of developing heart disease by a whopping 40 per cent. You’ll also help ward off diabetes, stroke, and probably mental health problems like depression, too.

But don’t count on getting weight off with 30 minutes a day. For that, you need to look at doing some interval training and resistance training, plus being careful with what you eat.

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