Monthly Kayak Netball Tournament

Kayak Netball Tournament

Monthly Kayak Netball Tournament

The last Sunday of every month is where our regular Kayaker’s enjoy a whole day of Kayak Netball! Our players can take part in a round-robin style, friendly tournament, where they can put their weekly kayak and fitness training to good use. Our first Kayak Netball tournament will be in Willoughby Bay (Primrose Park) on Sunday 26th October.

To sign-up and enter a team, you simply need a minimum of 4 players. It is advisable to have reserves, so you can swap players or have support or back-up players on the day. 6 players would be ideal. Check out the game rules here.

Ideally, we’ll have 8 teams to play in the tournament, consisting of 7 Kayak Netball games, with a clear winning team at the end of the day. Yes, there will be prizes!

We will do our best to schedule the games, so you don’t have to sit around for the entire day, if you don’t want to. Just as long as you’re there for your games and can hang around to play in the next round if you win. Maybe bring a picnic and a group of friends to cheer you on. Make a day of it!

It’s a flat rate of $120 to enter a team, no matter how many players you have, so split the cost, pick a team name and get practicing! We have regular practice games in the North Sydney and Cammeray area, including Lavender Bay, Tunks Park and Cremorne.

To secure your team’s spot in the tournament, simply get your team captain to register online, via the link at the bottom of this page.

Any new players must have attended a minimum of one Kayak Netball practice session, prior to entering the tournament. Check out our intro offer here for new paddlers! 3 sessions for $39!

The location for the tournament will vary each month, giving our Kayaker’s the opportunity to enjoy a variety of Sydney’s beautiful waterways. The first one will launch from Tunks Park, but will be played in Willoughby Bay (Primrose Park). The best area for viewing the first tournament will be Primrose Park.

The most important thing with these tournaments is that we play safe and have fun!

See you out on the water!