weight loss challengeFitness Angels Bootcamp and Group Fitness Training

Our North Sydney Fitness Angels run their Bootcamps and training sessions at Lavender Bay stairs in North Sydney. Bootcamp and Group Training is a great way to boost your fitness with high intensity, fat burning, fun group training sessions.

Boxing Bootcamps, Circuit Training, Sprints, HIIT, fun Group Fitness and Kayaking sessions with Fitness Angels are incredibly fun and energetic workouts! Each session is different, teaching you different combos and exercises, ensuring you get a great all-over-body workout. All equipment is supplied, with the sessions being taken outside in Lavender Bay, in a Bootcamp style training session.

“Summer bodies are made in Winter?” 

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Fitness Angels Pricing

Single Session  |  $25
Pack of 10 Sessions  |  $200

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“You’ll never regret a workout”

Is Group Training right for you?

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated exercising on your own?
Is coming up with new exercises or programs sometimes difficult?
Would you like to train with a trainer, but don’t want the expense of 1:1 training?
Are you a sociable person, who wants to be part of a healthy, yet sociable and active community?
Do you enjoy a challenge and little bit of occasional competition?

If you said yes to the above questions then Group Training and our Fitness Angels Bootcamps, Bushwalks and Social Kayaking sessions are perfect for you!

Being a Fitness Angel is more than just turning up to a regular Fitness Bootcamp (which, don’t get me wrong.. is awesome!). Our Angels are a community of like minded people, who regularly get together outside of our Group Training sessions, for fun social fitness activities. We call these Angels Adventures. These can be anything from Bush Walking, Kayaking and event training.

When you become a Fitness Angel, you also have access to Guided Bushwalks and/or Social Kayaking sessions with your trainer and training group.