Social Kayaking

Social Fitness Paddle

Social Kayaking sessions run before and after work. Come along with friends and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Sydney's magnificent middle harbour. Book online!

Social Kayaking

Social exercise is becoming more and more popular. I mean we do spend a fair bit of time with our training groups, so why not make them more sociable? Our Social Kayaking sessions were put together as a lower intensity kayak session with less instruction (so less talking from the trainer), allowing you to have that well deserved catch-up with your training group. You will still get a good workout as we kayak around Long Bay and Salt Pan Creek, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your surroundings and talk to your fellow paddlers along the way.

Check out our extended tours or “Angels Adventures” for some active fun on weekends!

What to bring/wear:

• Something comfortable that you don’t mind getting wet.
• Waterproof shoes/thongs/flip flops/kayaking shoes
• Sun protection, sunnies, sunscreen, hat.
• A towel for after the paddle.
• Drinking water.
• A dry bag or secure key box is provided for everyone’s car keys etc.
• Current launch location is Tunks Park Boat Ramp, Brothers Avenue, Cammeray