Benefits of Kayaking

There are many benefits to kayaking, such as cardio fitness and low impact upper body resistance training. Kayaking is also fun, allowing you to train with others.

Benefits of Kayaking

Fitness Angels run regular kayaking classes in North Sydney, which have many benefits to your health and fitness.

  • Kayaking is a great all-over-body workout (not just for the arms!)
  • Low-impact on your joints
  • Fun and Sociable
  • You’ll get vitamin D and fresh air, whilst out on the water
  • Doing interval kayak sprints is great cardio training, coupled with resistance, so great for fat loss!
  • All equipment is provided by Fitness Angels

Not just for the arms

Many people think kayaking is just for the arms. This is predominantly true, but if you are paddling correctly, you should be using your entire body, from the large muscles of the trunk, including your abs and back muscles, to your shoulders and even your legs.

Improving kayaking technique

As your technique improves, you will find that the legs become important to assist with rotation to increase the strength and quality of the paddle stroke. Because the legs are a much greater muscle group than the arms, a reduced strain is placed on the cardiovascular system when using these muscles.

Kayaking is a low-impact sport

So, by incorporating the legs, paddlers can save energy in their arms and have the ability to extend the length of time they can paddle, as well as get a complete body workout, burning more energy with big muscle groups. Unlike running and other high-impact sports, such as netball and basketball, kayaking is a low-impact sport.

Kayak Fitness classes are both sociable and fun

You can paddle along some of Sydney’s beautiful waterways, enjoying the sun and the good company of others, getting a good resistance workout and some vitamin D and fresh air. If you participate in some of Fitness Angels Kayak Netball classes, you could get in some good, high intensity interval training and have an awesome, fun session on the water, at the same time!