Boxing Bootcamp

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Join our North Sydney Boxing Bootcamp for a great, whole-body, Monday morning workout! Small, fun group. No experience necessary. Book online!

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Boxing Bootcamp

NEW North Sydney Group Fitness Class

Our North Sydney Boxing Bootcamp is a great way to boost your training every week with a high intensity, fat burning, group training session.

Boxing is an incredibly fun and energetic workout! Each session is different, teaching you different combos and exercises, ensuring you get a great all-over-body workout. All equipment is supplied, with the sessions, weather depending, being taken outside in Lavender Bay, in a Bootcamp style training session. Should the weather not be on our side, we will hold the class inside the Jetts gym at 76 Berry Street.

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is great for Burning Fat

Not only will Boxing burn a lot of calories during your workout, but due to the nature of the HIIT style of cardio, it will also burn a lot of calories after the session, too! You’ll start the day burning around 500 calories during the session, and will continue to burn fat for around 24-48 hours after your workout! Not bad for one training session!

Boxing increases Muscle Tone and Definition

If you look at most Boxers, their physique is not bulky. Generally, they have a very lean, but toned body. This makes Boxing a perfect exercise for those wanting to tone-up without getting bulky. Punching, coupled with bodyweight Bootcamp exercises are fast, repetitive actions, with just the right amount of resistance. Perfect for that Summer bikini body!

Increased Ligament Strength and Bone Mineral Density

All types of resistance training, whether it’s punching a focus pad, doing a push-up or a step-up, it’s all resisting some kind of weight or force. Doing this strengthens bones, joints and ligaments. They will all benefit from this type of exercise, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and muscle atrophy as you get older.

Boxing is great Cardio Training

The best thing about Boxing Bootcamp is, not only do you get a great resistance training workout, but you will also work the heart and the lungs. I mentioned before that it’s a great HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, coupled with resistance training. It will also test your cardiovascular system immensely, forcing your heart and your lungs to adapt to delivering oxygen to your working muscles, faster! And guess what this does? It burns more fat!

Core Stability and Six-pack Abs!

I get asked all the time” how do I get a six-pack”. Most people think that running on a treadmill for an hour and doing a few hundred crunches will get them a six-pack. The truth is, the best way to get a six-pack is to do whole-body movements that challenge your stability. Boxing requires you to brace your abs constantly to avoid falling over, even when you’re just holding the pads. It includes a lot of rotational movements and forces your abs to work in a functional way. If you enjoy Boxing and consistently attend once a week, I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your core (and of course, your abs). Couple this with great nutrition and you’ll be well on your way to getting a six-pack!